Pass'Alsace 3 Days

For holidays in Alsace

The Pass'Alsace is the ideal tourist pass to enjoy tourism in Alsace, a very good tip : you get free entry to each of the 55 partner tourist sites included in the Pass (only one per site and per pass). The 3-day Pass'Alsace, designed for tourists present several days in Alsace, is valid for 3 days (consecutive or not) over a period of 14 days. This is the perfect pass for holidays in Alsace !

How does the 3-day Pass'Alsace work?

With the 3-day Pass'Alsace, you have 14 days from the first use of the Pass to use your 3-day visit. The 3 days are not necessarily consecutive. You can organize as you like during your holiday in Alsace. The 3 days can be used over 14 days, i.e. you can take breaks between visiting days depending on your desires or the weather. 

Price 2020

  Adult Child
3-day Pass'Alsace  45€ 27€
option Batorama 5€ 5€

What to see in Alsace with the 3-day Pass'Alsace ?

Each Pass provides free access to 55 Alsatian tourist sites (from North to South), the 2020 list:

1. Fleckenstein Castle in Lembach
2. Fleckenstein, the Castle of Challenges in Lembach
3. The Four à Chaux fortress - Maginot line in Lembach
4. Lalique Museum in Wingen-sur-Moder
5. Crystal Museum in Saint-Louis
6. Museum of the battle of 6 August 1870 in Woerth
7. The Oil Museum in Merkwiller-Pechelbronn
8. Maison Rurale de l'Outre-Forêt in Kutzenhausen
9. Lichtenberg Castle
10. Hanau Museum in Bouxwiller
11. The Jewish Alsatian Museum in Bouxwiller
12. Troglodyte Houses in Graufthal
13. Alsatian Museum in Haguenau
14. Luggage Museum in Haguenau
15. Historical Museum in Haguenau
16. The Rohan Castle Museum in Saverne
17. Villa Meteor in Hochfelden
18. MMPark - Collection dedicated to the 2nd World War in La Wantzenau
19. to 27. Museums of Strasbourg (3 museums of your choice)
28. One City Tours in Strasbourg (bike rental and geocaching)
29. Le Vaisseau in Strasbourg
30. The Musée Les Secrets du Chocolat in Geispolsheim
31. The Alsace-Moselle Memorial in Schirmeck
32. Gingerbread and alsatian folk art Museum in Gertwiller
33. Funny-World in Kappel-Grafenhausen (Germany)
34. Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie in Andlau
35. The alsacien whisky and spirits museum in Châtenois
36. Eagle Park in Kintzheim
37. Monkey mountain in Kintzheim
38. Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle in Orschwiller
39. Cigoland - Storks and leisure park in Kintzheim
40. La Maison du Pain d’Alsace (Bread House) in Sélestat
41. Humanist library - The Bibliothèque Humaniste in Sélestat
42. Tellure, silver mine in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines
43. NaturOparC in Hunawihr
44. Hohlandsbourg Castle
45. Wood Museum in Labaroche
46. Toy Museum in Colmar 
47. The Hansi Village and its Museum in Colmar
48. Écomusée d'Alsace in Ungersheim
49. The Hartmannswillerkopf Franco-German Historial of World War 1 in Wattwiller
50. The François Schneider Foundation : contemporary art centre in Wattwiller
51. Wesserling Park - Textile Museum in Wesserling
52. Wallpaper museum in Rixheim
53. Musée Electropolis in Mulhouse
54. Zoological and Botanical Garden in Mulhouse
55. Firefighters’ Museum in Vieux-Ferrette

Suggested visits with the 3-day Pass'Alsace

Without 3-day Pass'Alsace With 3-day Pass'Alsace
Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle (9€) Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle (0€)
Eagle Park (10€) Eagle Park (0€)
Tellure (12,50€) Tellure (0€)
Ecomusée d'Alsace (15€) Ecomusée d'Alsace (0€)
Bibliothèque Humaniste (6€) Bibliothèque Humaniste (0€)
5 activities
Without 3-day Pass'Alsace : 52,50€
5 activities
With 3-day Pass'Alsace : 45€

The Batorama option with the 3-day Pass'Alsace

Are you visiting Strasbourg during a stay in Alsace ? Then do not forget to select the Batorama option (+5€) ! A guided tour in a tourist boat will make you discover the history of the city. For Batorama, it is necessary to show up during the validity of the Pass'Alsace at the shop in the city centre of Strasbourg, in front of the Cathedral, to validate your slot. You can also book your slot by phone on + 33 (0)3 69 74 44 04. Be careful to choose your time slot to optimize your day of visit: Batorama is a visit that requires validation, a day will therefore be counted!

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