List of sites to visit

Alsace-Moselle Memorial


Let you go in the heart of a historic and interactive course in the meanders of the fate of a region border, Alsace-Moselle of 1870 in our days, with a particular lighting on the World War 2, the totalitarian system and a space dedicated to the French-German reconciliation and building Europe.

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Alsatian Museum in Haguenau


A former chancellery dating from the 15th century, this is the most obvious legacy of the former powers of the Imperial city. This is where the archives and treasures of the town were securely stored. The Alsace Museum houses lots of useful and decorative objects which illustrate 19th-century life in the Alsace. One room is reserved for different regional costumes. There is also a reconstruction of a potter’s workshop, alongside a traditional interior with a kitchen and a “Stub” (chamber) equipped with an alcove. The astronomical clock is a copy of one built for Ulm (Germany) in 1581 by Isaac Habrecht of Switzerland.

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You are planning to visit Strasbourg? Then do not forget to select the option Batorama (5€)! A commented guided tour which will make you discover the history of the city. Several departures per day (consult the website)

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Cigoland - Storks and leisure park


Instead of extreme thrill rides, Cigoland park offers activities that cater better for smaller children (ages 2 to 12) and their parents or grandparents, while making them more aware of the special ecosystem of central Alsace.

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Crystal Museum


The museum is located in the middle of the oldest French crystal manufacture. The refined architecture sits in the heart of the factory boasting a unique collection of 2000 wonders, illustrating the astonishing range of know-how which made, and still makes today, Saint Louis crystal to be well-known worldwide.

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Eagle Park


Eagle Mountain in Kintzheim offers a fascinating, impressive spectacle: the greatest birds of prey in the world freely flying against a backdrop of the ruins of Kintzheim Castle. Opening times: for seasonal variations see our website

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