Visitez le château de Fleckenstein de façon ludique : Le Château des Défis®. Trois heures d’aventure au cœur du Moyen-Âge ! Enfin une leçon d’histoire amusante qui réunit toutes les générations !

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Fleckenstein, the Castle of Challenges

3 hours of adventure at the heart of the middle ages: At last a history lesson that is fun and everyone, young and old, can enjoy! Plunge into the spiral of time. Pass through walls and down the centuries on the trail of Hugo the phantom knight.


Lieu-dit Fleckenstein

03 88 94 28 52

Discover the new trail. - the toboggan through time that will transport you into the 12th Century - the new heroes Hugo de Fleckenstein and the Princess Matilda - the evil forest where the robber baron Loewenstein in league with the witch Cornelia will play you some pretty dirty tricksThere are plenty of other characters, both good and evil, waitng for you in a surprising adventure. Join together and gain the power to face the challenges. By uniting to save the dynasty of the Fleckensteins you will become a member of their family for ever.

Visit Fleckenstein, the Castle of Challenges

Do you dare dive into the spiral of space and time to cross through walls and travel through the centuries on the trail of Hugo the ghost knight? Finally, a castle visit that’s as fun as it is enriching, bringing together all generations for a great time of unwinding and fun!
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Visit Fleckenstein, the Castle of Challenges

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