Hohlandsbourg Castle

Located at an altitude of 620 metres, on the mountainous border between Alsace and Lorraine, the natural belvedere where the Hohlandsbourg castle stands is a strategic site that has been occupied since the Bronze Age (around 1300 to 750 BC) and has been coveted since time immemorial. It offers a unique 360° view over the Alsace Plain and the Black Forest.

It was built in 1279 by the architect Siegfrid of Gundolsheim, then provost of Colmar, under the orders of Rudolf of Habsburg, to guard the western borders of Austria and the imperial town of Colmar. The Obserchloss, the main defensive element and upper castle, was also built at this time. Two years after its construction, it was burnt down during a revolt by the citizens of Colmar.

It was gradually modernised in the 14th and 15th centuries by the Counts of Lupfen, who owned the feud from 1410 onwards. In the 16th century, Lazarus of Schwendi, a general and adviser to Emperor Maximilian II of Habsburg, bought it in 1563 and modernised it. He adapted the artillery defence and added a northern bastion.

During the Thirty Years' War, the castle was dismantled. First the Swedes took it in 1633, then French troops dismantled it on the orders of Richelieu in 1637.

The Hohlandsbourg castle has been classified as a Historic Monument since 1840 and has undergone numerous restoration works in order to make it possible for the public to visit. It is now the largest heritage monument of the Habsburg family in Upper Alsace.

Route des Cinq Châteaux
68920 Wintzenheim

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Visit of the Hohlandsbourg Castle


In 2023, the Hohlandsbourg Castle will offer you an entertainment programme entitled "Splendour and Magnificence of the Middle Ages", which, far from clichés, will show how and in what areas medieval civilisation excelled.

Entertainment, education, construction, creation, etc., are all themes that will be addressed throughout the season through shows and workshops, including

- 13 and 14 May: Festivals and Celebrations

- 2 June: Châteaux & Légendes night show

- 10 and 11 June: At the time of the builders

- 9 July to 27 August, except Saturdays: A Time of Peace

- September 3: Investigate the castle

- 28, 29 and 31 October: The challenges of the strange

The exhibition "Par'Chemins et & Châteaux" will trace the medieval and cross-border "golden age", which represented a tremendous economic, spiritual and artistic boom for the region. It is based on a selection of charters and 1/350 scale models of emblematic castles in Alsace.

Horaires d'ouverture


Ouverture du 1er avril au 12 novembre 2023

Mai - Juin : du mardi au dimanche, jours fériés, de 10h à 18h.

Juillet - Août : tous les jours, de 10h à 19h.

Septembre : du mardi au samedi, de 13h à 18h, dimanche et le 16 de 10h à 18h.

Octobre : du mardi au samedi de 13h à 17h, dimanche et les 28 + 31, de 10h à 17h.

Novembre : du mercredi 2 au samedi 4, de 13h à 17h, dimanche et jours fériés de 10h à 17h.

Public price
Adult : €10.00
Kid : €8.00
Price with the pass
Adult : Free
Kid : Free
Par'Chemins et Châteaux

From 1 April to 22 October 2023

Special events


Live in Alsace in the 12th and 13th Centuries
Created by the Archives of Alsace, this exhibition will bring to life this period of splendour, which is far removed from preconceived ideas about the Middle Ages.
In a dozen panels, with numerous visuals and models, it retraces the medieval and cross-border "golden age", which represented a formidable economic, spiritual and artistic boom for the region.
This was the great age of castles, with numerous buildings throughout the region.
The exhibition is based on a selection of copies of charters (originals kept in the Alsace Archives) and 1/350° scale models of emblematic castles in Alsace.
Supported by: Collectivité européenne d’Alsace
In partnership with: Archives d’Alsace, Mini Châteaux (Etienne Fritsch and Piotr Klimczyk)
During castle opening times.

Château du Hohlandsbourg
68920 Wintzenheim


The dream of Icarus accessible to all

24 September 2023 10:00

Special events


Immersive visit with a drone.
The castle and Drone Alsace propose a “seated” immersive tour. Using a virtual reality headset, participants discover live the various perspectives of the castle and its environment as seen by the drone. A guide will explain the various fortress views.
Hosted by: Drone Alsace
In partnership with: Castle Route and Fortified Cities of Alsace

Château du Hohlandsbourg
Château du Hohlandsbourg
68920 Wintzenheim


Weird Challenges

From 28 to 31 October 2023



The end of October is the time for all the mysteries. Take the family on a tour of the castle’s weirdest haunted spots, take challenges and solve a mystery!
Live monsters, magic, the Foetid Feast, spells and magic potions, nothing will be spared you! Hahahaha.
Make-up, tattoos, fancy dress competition, magic show with David Silver.
For children aged 6 and over.
Reservation required.
Performers: Expression Event Mulhouse

Château du Hohlandsbourg
68920 Wintzenhim


Access conditions

  • GPS : 48°03'36.0"N 7°16'09.0"E
    48.060000, 7.269167

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