La Maison du Pain d’Alsace (Bread House)

It is a universal, ancient history, which brings people together since a very long time. From the first ear of wheat to the first type of flour, mankind has eaten bread. Located in the old “stove” of the Bakers’ Corporation of 1522 in Sélestat, city of art and history, the Maison du Pain d’Alsace is a place where the history of bread is preserved, where peoples’ manual work is narrated.

The Museum, renovated in 2018, recounts the incredible adventure of bread:

  • From grain to bread, an introduction to agriculture, from the mill to the bread.
  • Essential treasures from Alsace: Kougelhopf, Brezel, Lammele, Bredele, …
  • The bread: inheritance and token of a rich past.
  • The mill: no good bread without flour!
  • The baker in those days: know-how and transmission.
  • The master baker and the bread of today.
  • The Zunft room: The history of a unique house, dating back to 1522 and the Bakers’ Corporation.

All the artefacts presented in the museum are the result of the collection of testimonies from the past members of the Maison du Pain d’Alsace’s Association.

7 rue du sel
67600 Sélestat

03 88 58 45 90

Visif of La Maison du Pain d’Alsace (Bread House)


In the heart of Alsace, a stone's throw from the Humanist Library and a few minutes from the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg, the Maison du Pain d'Alsace welcomes you to experience the history of bread in a unique place. A tea room and a terrace complete the promise of a tasty moment in Sélestat! Experience, smell and taste the history of bread in Sélestat!

A museographic tour takes you on a journey of discovery of the history of bread in 5 different areas. From the first ear of wheat to the first flours, from the work of the artisan baker of yesterday to that of today, from the legends of the pretzel to the kougelhopf, come and discover bread in all its forms. To make the story complete, the bakers of the house welcome you to the bakery to excite your senses: special breads, kougelhopfs, pretzels, aniseed bread, bredle are produced and baked on the spot. Hands­on activities for young and old are offered throughout the year.

This is a resolutely contemporary exhibition of nearly 300 m², allowing all audiences to discover the richness of this food, present since the dawn of time. A collection of unique objects, gathered for nearly 30 years by the members of the Association, allow this history to be told with tradition but also with modernity thanks to multimedia present in the 5 exhibition spaces.

A new museography turned towards bread and its history, towards Alsatian gourmet specificities and their legends, towards sensorial and dynamic visits!

A tea room and a terrace complete the promise of a tasty moment in Sélestat! Experience, smell and taste the history of bread in Sélestat!

Horaires d'ouverture

Del 6 de febrero al 27 de abril y del 17 de septiembre al 23 de noviembre, abierto de martes a sábado, de 9.00 a 18.00 h, y los domingos, de 9.00 a 12.30 h y de 14.00 a 18.00 h. 

Del 30 de abril al 15 de septiembre, abierto de martes a domingo, de 9.00 a 18.00 h. 

Pastelería de Navidad
Del domingo 24 de noviembre al 31 de diciembre: abierto todos los días de 9.00 a 18.00 h (martes y viernes hasta las 18.30 h). 

Cerrado el 1 de enero, mayo y noviembre + 25 y 26 de diciembre.

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