How to visit the most beautiful sites of Alsace freely!

What is Pass'Alsace? 

Pass'Alsace is the ideal tourist Pass to visit Alsace : you profit from an free admission  in each of the 60 touristic sites included in the Pass. You can choose the period of validity of the Pass according to the duration of your stay : 24 hours, 48 hours or 3 days. This period of validity starts with the first use of Pass'Alsace. Each Pass'Alsace exists in an adult version and a kid version (less than 12 years old). 
Do you come to visit Strasbourg? Then do not forget to select the Batorama option (+5€) ! A guided tour in a tourist boat will make you discover the history of the city. 

Where to buy Pass'Alsace

Pass'Alsace is available in our online shop and you can receive it by the post-office in 3 days or withdraw it in one of the removal locations. You can also buy it on your arrival in Alsace at one of our retail outlets. Do not hesitate to call + 33 (0)4 58 176 797 if you have any question.

You can use our calculator to evaluate the economies the Pass will bring you for the whole of your visits 

How to use Pass'Alsace?

You come at the entrance of the site  you wish to visit and you present your Pass'Alsace and you will have a free access (one per site) if your Pass is valid. The first use of the Pass activates its period of validity. You can thus buy it in advance, or to offer it in gift! You can visit as many partner tourist sites as you like during the validity of your Pass. There is only one limit in Strasbourg, where you can visit 3 of the city's 9 museums (including Alsace, Archaeology, Decorative Arts, Modern Art, Fine Arts, History, Tomi Ungerer, Oeuvre Notre Dame and Zoology).

A Pass for the children?

Certain tourist sites are free for the young children and yon can ask the question of the interest of the purchase of a Pass for your children (valid for children up to 12 years). In the majority of the cases, the entry of our partner sites is paying for the children of more than 6 years. Below this age, it is necessary to do a calculation. It will be sometimes more interesting to pay to the entries with the public rate child when the entry is not free rather than to take a Pass. For your information and so that you can use our calculator.

*depending on  the period of the year certain sites are closed.

Discover the Pass Strasbourg and North Alsace !

The Pass Strasbourg and North Alsace is valid for 3 days (not necessarily consecutive, over a period of 14 days) and costs less than the traditional Pass'Alsace version because it gives the right to visit only the sites located in the city of Strasbourg and the North of Alsace. Giving right to visit 35 sites for 30€ for adults and 20€ for children, the Pass Strasbourg and North Alsace is ideal to discover or make discover the North of Alsace. You come to visit Strasbourg ? So do not forget to select the Batorama option for 5€ more !


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