Lichtenberg Castle

It was in the 13th century that really Lichtenberg family built this Castle on a hill at an altitude of 400 m. The site was a strategic place when Vauban decided to reinforce it to make it one of the key points in the Northern Vosges defence system. The Castle has a troubled history being overwhelmed by Louis XIV's troops at the time Alsace was annexed to France and bombarded by the German army in 1870. However, the ruins of the fortress are among the most beautiful in the region. The 16th-century Gothic-style chapel is particularly worth a visit. The marble mausoleum is one of the most beautiful in Renaissance Alsace. A monumental stairway leads you up to the tops of the towers. From here, you can catch a glimpse of the spire of Strasbourg Cathedral.

In order to welcome you in compliance with health regulations and in the best possible conditions, a certain number of arrangements have been put in place and will be detailed at the entrance to the castle. The main buildings (exhibition areas, shop, toilets) are closed and a direction of visit has been established. The number of visitors is limited to 200 at a time and the visit is limited to 2 hours. Marked picnic areas have been set up in order to respect the physical distance measures while having a good time! We advise you to call the castle before your visit to find out if the capacity has been reached or to be informed of any waiting times.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Lichtenberg Castle Tour

Visit of Lichtenberg Castle: a site to recover memory, live in the present and welcome the future.
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