la Seigneurie

A tool for local cultural development, "la Seigneurie" in Andlau were designed as a place of discovery and understanding of the heritage that makes up the territory of the Pays de Barr, and more generally of Alsace. The Heritage Interpretation Centre is housed in a former residence of the lords of Andlau, built in 1582-1583, characteristic of Renaissance noble architecture and therefore one of the emblematic monuments of the village.

Window open on its teritory, the permanent course occupies the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor of the Seigneurie and develops, on a surface of 700 m², themes related to landscapes and their natural resources, religious or secular architecture as well as the know-how that allowed their construction.

This diversity of heritage, natural and cultural, is declined from various angles: viticulture, half-timbered houses, the abbey of Andlau, Romanesque art, religious buildings, castles, the building of the Lordship and its archaeological excavations, town halls and town halls of the Pays de Barr.

For their 10th anniversary, the workshops of the Seigneurie are getting a makeover and become the Seigneurie. If the name and visual identity evolve, the spirit of the place remains intact and offers you an ever more playful and interactive discovery of the heritage and history of the Pays de Barr.

Visit of the Ateliers de la Seigneurie


Since October 23, 2021, the Seigneurie offers: A VISIT ROUTE FOR FAMILIES. Integrated into the permanent exhibition route, about twenty new manipulations take place on the floors of the Seigneurie. Games of construction, observation, recognition or association, invite the public to discover the regional heritage in a fun and educational way. Charles Rouge, a former resident of the premises, will guide visitors through the various themes addressed in the exhibition rooms. Adapted to young and old alike, these new mediation tools are a new experience of independent visit of the Seigneury.

Horaires d'ouverture

Mars-Octobre-Novembre-Décembre :
De 14h à 18h, du mardi au dimanche

Avril à Septembre :
De 10h à 13h et de 14h à 18h, du mardi au dimanche

Fermés le 1er mai ainsi que les 24, 25, 26 et 31 décembre.

Fermeture annuelle : janvier et févrirer

Public price
Adult : €7.00
Kid : €5.00
Price with the pass
Adult : Free
Kid : Free
Christmas Lights: Show for children

10 December 2023 15:00

Festivités de Noël
Pour les enfants


At the crossroads of storytelling, illumination, video projection and music, Lumières des Noëls is a show inspired by little-known Alsatian tales and beliefs, by the company Les passeurs de mondes. Huddled by the fire, the children listen to the wind blowing outside, impatiently waiting for the moment to open their presents. To pass the time, they listen to the wonderful stories whispered by years gone by. In the winter forest, the shuffling footsteps of an old woman can be heard. She strides forward, bent in the wind, as a golden deer passes by. Meanwhile, a young girl adorns herself and gets ready to sing. She, too, will lead you from story to story, to the sound of carols, gold coins and Christmas bells, until you cross paths with the old woman. And in the dark of winter, the Golden Stag returns to hide in the high forest. And so the years go by, one was what the other will be, and so the legends are passed on, before the return of the fine days and the bright sun, when the Golden Stag will free the sun from the darkness.

Ages 6 and up. By Sylvie Arnal, storytelling and artistic direction and Kalvi Uibo, music and singing

Place de la Mairie
67140 Andlau



  • Hearing impairment
  • Mental disability
  • Physical disability
  • Visual disability

Access conditions

  • GPS : latitude 48,3861 - longitude 7,417

  • The nearest train station to Andlau is Eichhoffen, which is on the Strasbourg-Obernai-Barr-Sélestat line. The Seigneurie workshops are located 3.1 km from the station.

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