List of sites to visit

The Alsace-Moselle Memorial


Let you go in the heart of a historic and interactive course in the meanders of the fate of a region border, Alsace-Moselle of 1870 in our days, with a particular lighting on the World War 2, the totalitarian system and a space dedicated to the French-German reconciliation and building Europe.

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The alsacien whisky and spirits museum


The Distiller's House, first whisky and spirits museum in Alsace, has been opened by the Meyer Family, distillers since 1958, to share their passion of distillation. The valley of Villé, the Alsace, its gastronomy and its distillers are being honored. Explanatory panels, videos aud multimedia tools are guiding you through an olfactive tour. You will discover all about the art of distillery, learning everything about how alambics work and alcohols are aged. And to end joyfully, spirits, likors and whiskies are to be tasted. Discover also many alsacian delicacies selected for you.

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The Four à Chaux fortress - Maginot line


Visiting the Four-à-Chaux enables you to understand the history of the Maginot Line. The guided tour takes you on a journey through time and plunges the visitor 25 metres underground, to discover the period installations still in place.

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The François Schneider Foundation : contemporary art centre


The François Schneider Foundation is a unique institution in Europe due to its theme as well as its work to publicise and support contemporary talents. Founded in 2013 in a former spa resort in the Alsatian village of Wattwiller, the Centre d'Art Contemporain offers visitors over 2,500m2 of exhibition space dedicated to the theme of water. A former bottling workshop transformed and expanded to become an art gallery, its architecture is bright and transparent. The building also boasts a panoramic terrace, a bookstore, a café and an auditorium.

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The french Oil Museum


The French oil Museum presents the history of the first oil exploitation site in Europe until the closure of the refinery in 1970.

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The Glass and Crystal Museum


The Meisenthal glass-making site now reconverted, combines glass memories and glasswork demonstration.

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