List of sites to visit

Toy Museum


A World of Toys - Located in a former cinema, the Toy Museum ‘Musée du Jouet’ welcomes young and old in the heart of Colmar’s city-centre. Old teddy-bears to the first Barbie© dolls to video games, Playmobil®, miniatures, robots or little trains, the toys and games exhibited come from all over the world and belong to numerous generations of children. Large-size board games, puppet shows, automatons and video game consoles… you’ll enjoy this lively and fun museum visit !

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Troglodyte Houses


Several caves carved into the high sandstone cliffs were used as storage by the Abbey monks before being converted into living spaces little by little.

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Villa Meteor


Villa Meteor welcomes you to the oldest brewing site in France where the famous Meteor beers have been crafted since 1640. You will enjoy a state of the art interactive tour showing how Brasserie Meteor original beers are brewed from grain to glass. The tour is designed to educate and entertain young and old into what is the the art of brewing the Meteor way !

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Wallpaper museum


Do you feel like walking in a mythological setting? Or should it be romantic or even military? 200 year precious old wallpapers, the machinery to manufacture them and archives will introduce you to a world that you thought you know.

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Wood and Heritage Trades


A living location. Enthousiastic guides operate the machines several times a day for visitors.Woodwork primitive workshops. The beginning of mechanization. Come to experience a journey through times.

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Zoological and Botanical Garden in Mulhouse


A park near the city : Situated a few steps away from the city center of Mulhouse and easily accessible, the zoological and botanical park extends over 25 ha and welcomes in an exceptional natural frame, more than 1200 animals of 170 different species and 3500 varieties of plants. Meet Nanuq the polar bear cub, asiatic lions and red titis !

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