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Strasbourg Alsatian Museum - Musée alsacien de Strasbourg


The Alsatian Museum was founded in 1907. Located in 3 former houses in Strasbourg, linked by a maze of stairways and connecting passages, the museum displays over 5,000 artefacts witnessing the daily life of Alsatians in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Built on a mining sight whose past heritage is very wealthy, the touristic Park, is an ingenious combination of museum spaces, interactive stages, optical theatre and a visit in an authentic silver mine.

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The Hartmannswillerkopf Franco-German Historial of World War 1


The Hartmannswillerkopf Franco-German Historial of the Great War will open on Thursday, 3 August 2017. It is a multifaceted tool, having both historical and a tourist elements, as well as being a memorial, and above all an educational resource. The Historial offers a broad view of events during the 1st World War, nevertheless leaving centre stage to Hartmannswillerkopf – Vieil Armand, in order to act as a link with the site and the neighbouring national monument and to enable visitors to understand it better. The “Living in Wartime - People in the War” exhibition created by the Haut-Rhin Departmental Archives and the General State Archive - Karlsruhe will be available to view throughout the 2017 season in the dedicated space for seasonal exhibitions.

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The Rohan Castle Museum


Situated at the extremity of the path linking the Lorraine plateau to the plain of Alsace, the town of Saverne has been a thoroughfare and passageway ever since the times of the Romans. Strategically positioned as a point of defence against invasion into Alsace, several fortified castles were erected on its territory during the Midlle Ages. The Rohan Castle Museum exhibits a superb collection of archaelogical items - dating back to Gallo-Roman and medieval times - discovered in and around Saverne.

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Villa Meteor


Dans un site fabuleux, vivez une expérience unique et ludique autour de la fabrication de la bière et de l’histoire de Meteor. Depuis Octobre 2016, l’Alsace se dote d’une nouvelle étape touristique incontournable. Il fallait bien cela pour honorer la plus ancienne brasserie de France en activité ! A travers les témoignages des personnes qui participent à notre aventure, venez découvrir l’histoire de la brasserie Meteor de 1640 à nos jours, partagez les secrets de fabrication de nos bières, initiez-vous à la dégustation et entrez dans la grande famille Meteor.

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Volerie des aigles


Eagle Mountain in Kintzheim offers a fascinating, impressive spectacle: the greatest birds of prey in the world freely flying against a backdrop of the ruins of Kintzheim Castle. Opening times: for seasonal variations see our website

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