Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum, which was founded in the 18th century, is the oldest of Strasbourg's museums. During three centuries of sometimes turbulent existence, it has assembled very important collections.

Palais Rohan, 2 Place du Château

03 68 98 51 60

Visit the Archaelogical Museum in Strasbourg


The museum's collections invite you to travel back in time through the ancient history of Alsace, from the origins of Prehistory (600,000 years BC) until the dawn of the Middle Ages (800 years AD): Paleolithic mammoth hunters, the first Neolithic farmers, the Bronze and Iron Age necropolises, the daily life of the Gallo-Romans and the richness of the Merovingian civilization in Alsace

Horaires d'ouverture

Ouvert tous les jours sauf le mardi 
De 10h à 13h et de 14h à 18h en semaine
De 10h à 18h le week-end

Public price
Adult : €7.50
Kid : Free
Price with the pass
Adult : Free
Kid : Free


  • Hearing impairment
  • Mental disability
  • Physical disability
    Wheelchair accessible (press the bell at the Palais Rohan gate to go to the box on the right under the porch)

Access conditions

  • Bus : lignes 14 et 24 stop Ancienne Douane

  • Drop-off at the Ancienne Douane and parking spaces at the Quai au Sable. Access to the courtyard of the Palais on request.

  • Tram : ligne A et D stopLangstross Grand'Rue

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