List of sites to visit

Le Vaisseau


You will travel through 6 worlds with more than 130 interactive elements that children, accompanied by an adult, can touch, test and explore. This science discovery centre will offer you a unique experience, covering the themes of construction, water, the human body, the animal kingdom, mathematics and logic and a 5,000 m² garden. Trilingual exhibition (F, D, EN).

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Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie


A new way to discover and play with our patrimony! In order to make sense of a territory, you have to take into account the local natural resources and observe how men exploited and worked on them to live, to build, to produce and to create.

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Lichtenberg Castle


It was in the 13th century that really Lichtenberg family built this Castle on a hill at an altitude of 400 m. The site was a strategic place when Vauban decided to reinforce it to make it one of the key points in the Northern Vosges defence system. The Castle has a troubled history being overwhelmed by Louis XIV's troops at the time Alsace was annexed to France and bombarded by the German army in 1870. However, the ruins of the fortress are among the most beautiful in the region. The 16th-century Gothic-style chapel is particularly worth a visit. The marble mausoleum is one of the most beautiful in Renaissance Alsace. A monumental stairway leads you up to the tops of the towers. From here, you can catch a glimpse of the spire of Strasbourg Cathedral.

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Luggage Museum


The "new version" of the Luggage Museum has opened its doors in the former Banque de France building in the rue Saint-Georges in Haguenau. In the completely renovated premises a selection of exceptional trunks and suitcases is displayed in a cosy and cultivated ambience. The exhibition invites visitors to embark on a voyage of discovery through changing modes of transport and reasons for travelling and looks at the extent to which luggage represents "a small piece of home" when conquering the world.

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Maison Rurale de l'Outre-Forêt


The visit of this traditional farmhouse, along with craftmen’s workshops, a dairy and even a classroom, is an invitation to discover rural life, popular arts and traditions of the early 20th century.

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MMPark - Collection dedicated to the 2nd World War

La Wantzenau

12 km from Strasbourg, in a surface area of more than 7,000 sq. metres, this exhibition, one of a kind in Europe, presents a huge collection dedicated to the Second World War and the main warring parties: hundreds of mannequins, armoured vehicles, lorries, light vehicles and motorcycles, personal items, an aeroplane, a German E-boat floating in water, etc. The secret services of Free France are also presented through the Sussex Plan collection.

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