La Maison du Fromage - Munster Valley

Find out how this famous cheese is made: follow the fascinating process with the help of films, and exhibitions. A visit to the cowshed, a demonstration of how Munster is made, with a tasting to finish off.

Installée dans 2000m² d'anciens établissements agricoles et implantée dans un domaine d'environ 8 hectares, elle constitue un nouveau site agro-touristique d'exception qui se veut éminemment concret et didactique. On y présente la fabrication du fromage, l'agriculture et la race bovine Vosgienne, ainsi que la richesse du patrimoine et les savoir-faire traditionnels de la vallée de Munster.

23 rue de Munster

03 89 77 90 00

Visit of the cheese house-valley of Munster

Horaires d'ouverture

14/02/24 to 02/07/24: open from Wednesday to Sunday
Opening times: 9.45 am to 6.30 pm
Visits at 10am / 11.15am / 2.15pm / 3.30pm / 4.45pm

Also open on Tuesdays during school holidays (all zones) and bank holidays.

03/07/24 to 01/09/24: open 7 days a week
Opening times: 9.15am to 6.30pm (9pm on Folk Tuesdays)
Visits at 9.30am / 10.30am / 11.30am / 2.15pm / 3.30pm / 4.45pm / 6pm (Folk Tuesdays)

Folk Tuesdays from 09/07 to 20/08 inclusive.
03/09/24 to 29/09/24: open Tuesday to Sunday
Opening times: 9.45am to 6.30pm
Visits at 10am / 11.15am / 2.15pm / 3.30pm / 4.45pm

02/10/24 to 05/01/25: open Wednesday to Sunday
Opening hours: 9:45 am to 6:30 pm
Visits at 10am / 11.15am / 2.15pm / 3.30pm / 4.45pm

Also open on Tuesdays during school holidays (all zones) and public holidays (except 25/12/24 and 01/01/25).


The Maison du Fromage de la Vallée de Munster is currently closed. Reopening planned for 14.02.2024!


Online booking of your visit time is strongly recommended at the ticket office, presentation of the Pass'Alsace on site.

Public price
Adult : €8.50
Kid : €4.50
Price with the pass
Adult : Free
Kid : Free
Folk Tuesdays

From 9 July to 20 August 2024



Every Tuesday evening, from 09/07/24 to 20/08/24, "Folk Tuesdays at the Maison du Fromage" take place.
A music group from the Valley will introduce you to the sounds of the marcaires and traditional dances. Hit the dance floor!

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the museum by night, starting at 6pm.

23 rue de Munster

+33 3 89 77 90 00

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