Where to buy the Pass'Alsace : points of sale

List of Pass'Alsace points of sale

You have several options to get the Pass'Alsace. If you want to organise your holiday in Alsace before coming, the pass is available on our online shop and you can receive it by mail in 3 working days (for France) or withdraw it in one of the withdrawal points. You can also opt for the 100% dematerialized version, available almost instantly on your inbox. 

You can also buy it when you arrive in Alsace at one of our point of sale. You can find the list of points of sale on site below. By clicking on a seller, you will be able to access his description sheet (with practical information, schedules, contact details, etc.).


la Seigneurie


A tool for local cultural development, "la Seigneurie" in Andlau were designed as a place of discovery and understanding of the heritage that makes up the territory of the Pays de Barr, and more generally of Alsace. The Heritage Interpretation ...


La Villa, Archeological Centre


Opened in 2014 in Dehlingen, La Villa is no ordinary museum. Designed as a modern cultural venue open to all, it is conceived as an invitation to discover the heritage of Alsace Bossue through an interactive tour. Nestled in the heart of the Grand...


The Glass and Crystal Museum


The Verrerie de Meisenthal was founded in 1704 in the northern Vosges mountains in eastern France. It produced tens of millions of pieces of utilitarian glass and cheap goblets. Between 1867 and 1894, the glassworks served as a laboratory for Emil...


The Hansi Village and its Museum


Discover the dream of the famous colmarian artist and his vision of ideal Elsass in more than 700m2, through his unique and original art collection.


The alsacien whisky and spirits museum


For as long as anyone can remember, the Meyer name has been associated with the distillation of fruit from the Villé Valley. In the small village of Hohwarth in Alsace, the company has developed with the aim of producing high quality eaux-de-vie.


Outre-Forêt Rural House


The Maison Rurale de l'Outre-Forêt was created at the instigation of the Cercle d'Histoire de l'Outre-Forêt. The Cercle was looking for a farmhouse representative of the North Alsace region to showcase its heritage and open it to the public, but a...

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