Alsatian Museum


A former chancellery dating from the 15th century, this is the most obvious legacy of the former powers of the Imperial city. This is where the archives and treasures of the town were securely stored. The Alsace Museum houses lots of useful and decorative objects which illustrate 19th-century life in the Alsace. One room is reserved for different regional costumes. There is also a reconstruction of a potter’s workshop, alongside a traditional interior with a kitchen and a “Stub” (chamber) equipped with an alcove. The astronomical clock is a copy of one built for Ulm (Germany) in 1581 by Isaac Habrecht of Switzerland.

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You are planning to visit Strasbourg? Then do not forget to select the option Batorama (5€)! A commented guided tour which will make you discover the history of the city. Several departures per day (consult the website)

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CERD - Struthof


In the heart of the Vosges, are preserved the vestiges of the only concentration camp situated in France. 52,000 prisoners were forced to work in the quarry near the camp. 22,000 people died here. The visitor can discover 4 houses: the prison, the crematorium, a museum and also the former gas chamber.

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Château de Fleckenstein


A witness to nine centuries of European history set on a great red sandstone rock. Fleckenstein is an imposing Castle standing proud on a rocky outcrop 100 m long at 338m above sea level.

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Château de Lichtenberg


Un site pour retrouver la mémoire, vivre au présent et accueillir l’avenir. Riche et fière de son histoire mouvementée depuis le XIIIe s., la forteresse restaurée possède également une identité du XXIe s. Un pari architectural audacieux a mêlé le grès, le bois, le cuivre pour l’adapter à ses nouvelles fonctions touristiques et culturelles. Ces ajouts contemporains restent toutefois réversibles pour permettre aux générations futures de retrouver le site dans son état antérieur. C’est désormais un lieu incontournable de découverte historique, d’exposition, de rencontre, d’expérimentation artistique et de spectacle. Grâce à cette dynamique, il est Centre d’Interprétation du Patrimoine sur la thématique Patrimoine et Création Artistique.

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Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg


Nine centuries of history. Towering at almost 800m, Haut-Koenigsbourg boasts an exceptional panoramic view. From the Grand Bastion, you can see the Alsace plain, the Vosges, the Black Forest and on a clear day, the Alps…

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