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You are planning to visit Strasbourg? Then do not forget to select the option Batorama (5€)! A commented guided tour which will make you discover the history of the city. Several departures per day (consult the website)

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Château de Fleckenstein


A witness to nine centuries of European history set on a great red sandstone rock. Fleckenstein is an imposing Castle standing proud on a rocky outcrop 100 m long at 338m above sea level.

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Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg


Nine centuries of history. Towering at almost 800m, Haut-Koenigsbourg boasts an exceptional panoramic view. From the Grand Bastion, you can see the Alsace plain, the Vosges, the Black Forest and on a clear day, the Alps…

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Château du Hohlandsbourg


The castle offers a glorious 360 degree view over Alsace and the Black Forest, modern and interactive scenography; a lively castle in the hills above Colmar … The biggest monument, built by the Habsburgs, opens the gates to the past. Self-exploration or tours, exhibitions, events, restorations, rooms for hire, boutiques. Summer event: Corsairs & Pirates “Boarding!”  

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Instead of extreme thrill rides, Cigoland park offers activities that cater better for smaller children (ages 2 to 12) and their parents or grandparents, while making them more aware of the special ecosystem of central Alsace.

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