Full digitalized Pass'Alsace

New : a pass immediately available on your phone

The Pass'Alsace exists now in a totally dematerialized version ! You can order it from the online store indicating that you choose the dematerialized pass (e-ticket, mobile app) as a support. You will receive it immediately by email in the form of a QR Code that you will present to enter in all the tourist attractions of the Pass'Alsace.

How do I buy a 100% dematerialized Pass ? 

Since July 20, 2018, Pass'Alsace users have access to a 100% dematerialized version of the tourist pass in the form of a QR Code that can be loaded on all mobile phones. This new version is available on the online store by simply indicating at the time of purchase that the chosen medium is the e-ticket (instead of the physical support). 

The buyer then receives an order confirmation email with his e-tickets that he can print. He can also download the Mobile app of the Pass'Alsace and associate his pass with his phone. 

When the wearer of the dematerialized Pass'Alsace wants to enter a partner site, he simply presents his mobile phone (or his e-ticket) in front of the camera of the tablet to validate the QR Code.

This new version of the Pass'Alsace has many advantages for the user :

  • No delivery fees 
  • Immediately available and usable after purchase, so a user walking in Alsace will be able to buy his Pass'Alsace in mobility and use it without waiting ;
  • Ecological because all information is accessible in a mobile application even without internet connections (subject to having it loaded beforehand).

Buy your dematerialized Pass online and use it immediately !

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